Welcome to the homepage of Jacob David Sudol – composer, computer musician and educator!

Jacob David Sudol writes intimate compositions that explore enigmatic phenomena and the inner nature of how we perceive and relate to sound.  He currently is an Assistant Professor, the Coordinator of Music Technology area, and on the Composition faculty at Florida International University in Miami, Florida.  He has received over eighty total performances across the USA as well as in Taiwan, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

Website last updated April 2, 2015

Recent Updates –

Composition pages for Trefoil Knots (総角) (2014 – 15) and …spaces to listen to from within (iv) (2015) added.  Also new recordings added to the media page.

C.V. updated

Upcoming Events –

April 19, 2015 – FLEA (FIU Laptop and Electro-Acoustic) Ensemble performing David Tudor’s Rainforest IV, 3 – 6 PM at the Wolfsonian Museum, Miami Beach, FL

May 2, 2015 – …a thinner partition for Chinese instruments and electronics to be performed by the Little Giant Chamber Chinese Orchestra at the Taiwan National Recital Hall, Taipei, Taiwan

May 6, 2015 – “Just About Just Intonation” lecture at the Audiotheque as part of the Listening Club Season 2, Miami Beach, FL

June 26, 2015 – Vanished into the Clouds (雲隠) to be performed at the 2015 New York Electronic Music Festival

Recent Events –

January 22, 2014 – “Explorations Using Asian Musical Techniques and Ideas in Recent Compositions” talk on my compositions to be presented at the Composition in Asia Symposium and Festival at the University of Southern Florida, Tampa, FL

January 24, 2015 – Chen-Hui Jen (piano) and Jacob David Sudol (electronics/composition); Music for Piano and Live Electronics, 2 PM at the Bakehouse Arts Complex, Wynwood, Miami, FL

January 29, 2015 – Jason Calloway (cello) and Jacob David Sudol (electronics); Music for Cello and Live Electronics, 7:30 PM at the Miami Beach Urban Studios, 420 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL as part of 2015 International Society of Contemporary Music New Music Miami Festival

February 6, 2014 – Premiere of The Floating Boat (浮舟)  performed by Jennifer Choi at the MBUS as part of the 2015 ISCM NMM Festival, Miami Beach, FL

February 7 – 14, 2015 – Composer-in-residence at Burapha University, Thailand

February 13, 2015 – Premiere of …spaces to listen to from within (iv) at the Burapha University Music and Performing Arts International Festival in Chon Buri, Thailand as part of the Burapha University International Festival Music and Performing Arts Festival and the Young Asian Composers’ Association Sixth Annual Concert

February 26, 2015 – Performance of across an ocean, across the the land… for electronics with video by Jacek Kolasinski at the 2015 biannual subtropics festival of new music, Miami Beach, FL

March 6, 2015 – across the land… for electronic with video by Jacek Kolasinski performed at the Spanish Cultural Center as part of the New Music from Spain and South Florida concert during the 2015 ISCM New Music Miami Concert

March 7, 2015 – …spaces to listen to from within (iii) performed by Federico Bonacossa at the 2015 subtropics festival marathon concert

March 9, 2015 – “An Introduction to My Music and Compositional Approaches” Presentation to be presented at the University of Arizona Composers’ Forum, Tucson, AZ

March 15, 2015 – Premiere of …a thinner partition for sheng, zhongruan, huqin, and live electronics – performed at the Common Practice 21C by the Little Giant Ensemble at Rice University, Houston, TX

March 20, 2015 – Premiere of Floating Bridge of Dreams (夢浮橋) for Mari Kimura, 7:30 PM at the Miami Beach Urban Studios, 420 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL as part of 2015 International Society of Contemporary Music New Music Miami Festival

March 27, 2015 – Performing electronics for Chen-Hui Jen’s …as hovering ashes through a quarter moon for cello and live electronics

March 28, 2015 – Lecture at the 2015 Society of Electro-Acoustic Music in the US (SEAMUS) at Virginia Tech