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Web Articles

Four articles commissioned for New Music Box


Jacob David Sudol: “Sounds and Spectra as Symbols.”  Christian, Bryan, ed. (in press, 2018)

  • To be included in the Oxford Handbook of Spectral Music
  • Chapter presenting a novel semiotic analysis approach for select compositions associated with spectral music, and my own compositions

Roger Reynolds and Jacob David Sudol: AngelSpace (2008-2009): Technical Score

  • Published by and available for purchase from C. F. Peters (Fall 2010)
  • Assembled and programmed an extensive Max/MSP patch that provides the sole content of  the composition

Jacob David Sudol and Roger Reynolds: “Creating an Inhabiting a Space: Real-Time Algorithms and Performances Issues in Roger Reynolds’s AngelSpace (2008-2009)”

  • Published in the proceedings of the 2010 International Computer Music Conference (ICMC)
  • Presented paper along with the premier of AngelSpace at the 2010 ICMC

Xenia Pestova, Mark Marshall, and Jacob Sudol: “Analogue to Digital: Authenticity Versus Sustainability in Stockhausen’s Mantra (1970)”

  • Published in the proceedings of the 2008 ICMC

Jacob David Sudol: Time Fixtures (Analysis portion)

  • Published at McGill University and registered in the Canadian National Library (2007)
  • Masters’ Thesis involving a notated score, recording, electronics, and essay analyzing the work completed for partial fulfillment of a Masters’ of Music at McGill University