Time and After (2015)

Time and After (2015)
For string quartet and live electronics

Excerpt from full recording

The Amernet String Quartet:
Misca Vitenson (violin 1)
Tomas Cotik (violin 2)
Michael Klotz (viola)
Jason Calloway (cello),

Jacob Sudol (electronics)

World premiere performance October 17, 2015
Taipei International Contemporary Music Festival
Soochou University, Taipei, Taiwan


I came up with the title “Time and After” over one year ago when dreaming about a new work for the Amernet String Quartet and live electronics. Similar to the logic in many dreams, the title seemed to made sense at first but became increasingly confusing and complex on closer examination. While composing the work, I frequently treated the title a provocation for how I thought about the composition’s sonic materials, form or structure, as well as its treatment of time.

As in many of my recent works, in this quartet I regularly obscure or ignore many conventional aspects of music such as melodic or motivic development, clear phrase structure, gestural phrasing, contrapuntal imitation, or clear rhythmic materials. Instead, I use simple materials to explore some inner sonic regions of the string quartet. I also treat the quartet almost like a single complex organism that alternatively develops, encounters traumatic events, and decays.

“Time and After” was written for and is dedicated to my dear friends of the Amernet String Quartet to be premiered on October 17th at the 2015 Taipei International New Music Festival.

Jacob David Sudol
October, 5 2015
Danshui, Taiwan