threads unraveling… (2014)

threads unraveling… (2014)
For piano and live electronics

MP3 Recording of the above video

– Chen-Hui Jen (piano) and Jacob David Sudol (live electronics)

Live recording at the Miami Beach Urban Studios as part of 2014 ISCM Miami New  Music Miami Festival

Score and electronics available by request

Program Note

threads unraveling…is the third in a series of works for piano and electronics written for my wife – pianist/composer Chen-Hui Jen. Whereas the first two works in the series largely use piano sounds in the electronics, this work primarily uses recordings and DSP manipulations of three Tibetan bells and a large Mikrophonie tam-tam. The piano writing is primarily based on spectral analyses of these same Tibetan bells. As a whole the work focuses less on melody, harmony, or even timbre than it does on material and memory progressively unravelling and rewriting themselves.

Jacob David Sudol
June 15, 2014
Kaohsiung, Taiwan