…spaces to listen to from within (v) (2015)

…spaces to listen to from within (v) (2015)
For electric guitar, percussion, transducer, table, and live electronics

The Living Earth Show –
Travis Andrews: Electric Guitar
Andrew Meyerson: Percussion

Live recording at Miami Beach Urban Studio, November 18, 2016

…spaces to listen to from within (v) for electric guitar and percussion is an expansion of …spaces to listen to from within (iii) for acoustic guitar, transducers, and live electronics. This work is part of an open series of that focuses on creating and exploring multiple interrelated sonic environments. The goal of these works is to hopefully provide new insights into our subjective, personal, and ultimately resonant relationships with external world. This specific work is about exploring the dynamic resonances of specific sounds. The guitar primarily does this through friction-based sounds and just intonation. The percussion plays counterpoint with the guitar’s sounds through exploring different modes of time as well as rubbing, scraping, rattling, and playing quiet field recordings from Taiwan on a hidden cellular phone.

This specific work is written for and dedicated to the Living Earth Show – Travis Andrews and Andrew Meyerson.

Jacob David Sudol
July 11, 2015
Miami, FL