…spaces to listen to from within (iv) (2015)

spaces to listen to from within (iv)
For three Thai instruments, two handheld transducers, and live electronics (2014)

Recording of live performance at Burapha University, Chon Buri, Thailand (February 13, 2015)

Program Note

…spaces to listen to from within (iv) is the fourth work in an open series of that focuses on creating and exploring multiple interrelated sonic environments.  The goal of these works is to hopefully provide new insights into our subjective, personal, and ultimately resonant relationships with external world.  In this work, at times, each khong performer uses one transducer to transform different part of his instrument into a speaker.   At the center of the work, between these moments with the transducers, the saw u plays one long line that expands unfolds and then concludes on a single note.  The two khong initially articulate the structure of this line before progressively separating and joining with the electronic sounds that come from the speakers.