…a thinner partition (2014 – 15)

…a thinner partition (2014 – 15)
For sheng, zhongruan, huqin, and electronics

沈翎玄 – Sheng, 沈翎玄 – Zhongruan, 葉維仁 – huqin, Jacob Sudol – electronics, Chih-Sheng Chen – conductor
Performed at Rice University as part of the Common Practice 21C

Program note:

The title and inspiration for …a thinner partition, for three Chinese instruments and electronics, comes from the following line in Chris Marker’s essay-film Sans Soleil – “I’ve heard this sentence: ‘The partition that separates life from death does not appear so thick to us as it does to a Westerner.’” Following this quote, in this work, the electronics primarily reflect the fixed unchanging nature of death and the performed sounds primarily reflect the dynamism and ephemerality of life. The partition then is the places where the electronics and performed sounds appear to seamlessly transition between each other acoustically as well as in our imagination and minds.

…a thinner partition was commissioned and premiered by Common Practice 21C, a three day festival hosted by Shepherd School of Music, Rice University, on March 15, 2015. I also thank composer Chen Shih-Hui and conductor Chen Chih-Sheng for their support of this work.


為三件國樂器及電子音樂所作的《⋯至彼微界》,標題受 Chris Marker 之影片《無日》中之引言啟發:「我曾聞此言:『生死分隔之界線對於我們,並不似對西方人而言那麼明確。』」因而在曲中,電子音樂主要象徵「死亡之自然定律」,現場演奏的樂器則為「生命短暫蕩漾」之表徵。兩者聲響材料相互交織融合,藉以在聽覺及意象上模糊其生死象徵之分界。

此曲受小巨人絲竹樂團委託創作,於 2015 年三月於美國萊斯大學 Common Practice 21C 音樂節首演。在此並特別感謝陳士惠教授及陳志昇博士對此作品計劃及展演的支持。