A Few Tones (for Pauline Oliveros) (2017)

A Few Tones (for Pauline Oliveros) (2017)
For brain waves, transduced wind gong, cello, and live electronics

Jason Calloway – Cello and Brainwaves
Jacob David Sudol – Composition, Live Electronics, and Programming

Live Performance – January 26, 2017 and the FIU Miami Beach Urban Studios

A Few Tones (for Pauline Oliveros) is the last part of my concert-long length work titled …spaces to listen to from within for cello, 3-D printed cello, brain waves, transduced wind gong, and live electronics. Throughout this particular movement, the cellist Jason Calloway controls the electronic sounds coming through a wind gong by attempting to control his mental concentration and calmness while ocassionally playing high, long, and nearly inaudible tones on the cello. The calmer he is, the slower the electronic sounds pulsate. As the performer concentrates for longer, progressively lower tones replace the higher tones. Throughout, whenever he blinks a chime sounds through the wind gong.

By giving a space for one to focus on the activity of the mind as translated by sound, this work intends to pay tribute to the late Pauline Oliveros who sought to open up our ways of listening and to serve as sort of balm for these turbulent times.

-Jacob David Sudol
February 13, 2017