until we remain suspended… (2009)

Tibetan Bells

until we remain suspended… (2009)
For Tibetan bells and live electronics (with optional reflected monochromatic video)

Recording of a Live Performance (lossless m4a)

Jacob David Sudol (Tibetan bells and live electronics); performed November 2009 at the University of California, San Diego

(Score and Max/MSP patch available upon request)

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Program Note:

until we remain suspended… was completed and first performed by the composer at the Atlantic Center for the Arts in May 2009 during a residency with Master Artist Alvin Lucier and Guest Artist David Dunn.  The sonic materials for the composition come from two Tibetan singing bowls, one pair of tingshas, and synthesized sounds derived from real-time analyses of the two bowls and portions of the combination tones that our brains create when listening to these bowls.  Given the incredible and unpredictable timbral variety inherent in these bowls and the combination tones – as well as a desire to remain true to the constant variations of how we experience sound in time – each performance should greatly vary in timbre, time, structure, and form.

The work is dedicated to Alvin Lucier for his desire to share a love of sound and natural phenomena and Chen-Hui Jen who, although absent, remained in my thoughts and heart constantly during the residency.

-Jacob David Sudol
May 29, 2009
New Smyrna Beach, Florida